WSDOT Seattle Area Traffic News  – What’s happening on the highway from Renton to Shoreline

Minimize your travel stress this Labor Day weekend

Sounds like our recent wet and windy weather – and taste of fall – will be leaving just in time for the Labor Day weekend! I’m sure many of you will be taking advantage of the sunshine with one last road trip before summer comes to an end. To help you maximize the fun this weekend and minimize the stress, plan ahead with our traffic volume charts for key routes and travel tips.

Big events and significant closures throughout September

Why stop at the holiday weekend? Why not plan ahead for the whole month of September? Well, you can with our traffic impact calendar. It has all of the month’s big events and significant closures in one place so you can plan your travel schedule around them. A couple big events coming up in the Seattle area include the Seahawks preseason game at 7 tonight at CenturyLink with 60,000 fans expected to attend. Don’t forget about the Sounders at CenturyLink Saturday night and Bumbershoot takes over Seattle Center for the whole holiday weekend.

Saluting our ferries workers

Ferry worker

I know many of you regularly use our ferries and on this Labor Day we thought it would be fun salute some of those workers who keep our boats afloat. Here’s a good look at what some of those hard-working colleagues of ours do to keep our ferries ship-shape.

Grabbing traffic by the horns

Sometimes when traffic cameras aren’t available, you have to get a little creative. We did just that with a unique artist rendering of the situation blocking the SR 202/203 roundabout on Wednesdaymorning on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow us for helpful traffic information that sometimes comes with an entertaining twist!


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