Comment on the Supplemental Use Guidelines for Greenbelts and Natural Areas

Deadline to comment is July 16.

The Supplemental Use Guidelines are aimed at serving as a transparent tool to evaluate use proposals in Seattle Parks’ classified Natural Areas and Greenbelts. This draft tool includes a check list of criteria that will allow for low-intensity, passive and active recreation activities while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. It will provide criteria to determine the compatibility of activities in these areas, their design character and level of use; while providing access, opportunity and sustainability.

The intent of this effort according to the Parks Department is to develop values-based guidelines for the appropriate use of Seattle’s natural areas and greenbelts. This process will result in a vision for natural areas and greenbelts that will maintain the native forest ecosystem, protect public safety and enhance positive uses over the long-term.  Send comments to the Board of Park Commissioners c/o Rachel Acosta at

The Guidelines and a briefing paper are posted at

There are some neighbors who have an alternate view and who see these proposed guidelines as not protecting the natural areas. If you want to learn more about preserving Seattle’s natural areas and greenspaces for all the members of our future generations, please consider signing the petition:  And you can read much more on the topic here:


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