Making a Vibrant 35th Avenue — Take the Survey by July 31

On Wednesday, June 24, DPD hosted a community open house to discuss potential zoning changes to the neighborhood business districts along 35th Avenue NE (at 65th, 75th, 85th, and 95th Streets).

DPD is reviewing the potential zoning changes that were initiated by a group of neighbors who created the Future of 35th Ave NE plan.  During 2014 budget deliberations, City Councilmembers requested that DPD evaluate the plan’s zoning recommendations. DPD has identified potential zoning solutions to encourage additional ground floor commercial space to accommodate more retail.  These solutions could:

  • Change some areas along 35th Ave currently zoned for low rise (residential) development to neighborhood commercial (mixed use)
  • Increase the height allowed in existing neighborhood commercial zones from 30 feet to 40 feet
  • Designate the business districts at 65th and 95th Streets as pedestrian zones

Download the open house presentation and diagrams.

More information regarding the Future of 35th Ave NE’s plan process, goals, and recommendations can be found at  Take the survey at  DPD will use your comments to determine the level of support for taking action on any of the proposed solutions.

For more information about DPD’s proposed zoning changes along 35th Avenue, contact Ryan Moore at 206- 233-2537 or or go to


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