North Precinct Picnic – July 11 and Ballard Seafood Fest

Saturday, July 11, at the Ballard Seafood Fest.

“Picnic at the Precinct” is a project designed by the Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) to facilitate positive community and police interactions across the city.  Picnics in the Precincts provide an opportunity for each precinct’s surrounding neighborhoods to come together and enjoy an afternoon of celebration with the officers that protect their families and businesses. Thousands of Seattle residents enjoy food, music, and an opportunity to learn about and interact with many of the SPD’s specialty units including K-9, Mounted Patrol, Bomb Squad, and SWAT.

(Can’t locate the exact picnic event times.)

The Picnic in the Precinct is happening at the Ballard Seafood Fest. Get more info on Seafood Fest.

Seafood Festival Hours (These are NOT the Picnic hours.)
Saturday, July 11: 11 am to 10 pm
Sunday, July 12: 11 am to 9 pm


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