WASDOT Traffic and 520 Advisories


Plan ahead for smooth Fourth of July travel

Make sure to get to this weekend’s fireworks shows on time by planning ahead for 4th of July travel. Drivers can use the Washington State Department of Transportation’s traffic volume charts to “know before they go” and help time their travel on key routes.

Drivers also can:

  • Check out WSDOT’s mobile app, social media sites – such as the WSDOT Twitter andFacebook pages – and online tools for traffic information and ferry schedules.
  • Preprogram vehicle radios to 530 AM and 1610 AM for highway advisory radio alerts.
  • Allow extra time for holiday travel and congestion; consider traveling during nonpeak hours.
  • Be safe: Drive sober and avoid cell phone and other distractions to prevent causing collisions and additional traffic congestion.

To ease congestion, most state highway construction work is suspended during the holiday weekend, starting on Friday, July 3. In the Puget Sound, the State Route 520 bridge will have lower, weekend toll rates on Friday, July 3.

Stay at least 150 feet away from construction while on the water

Stay safe on the water during Fourth of July boating festivities

The warmest weather in recent memory is hitting the Puget Sound this month, bringing plenty of folks lakeside this 4th of July weekend. If you plan to beat the heat by boating on Lake Washington, stay safe and be aware of the ongoing SR 520 construction activities. There are multiple construction zones to steer clear of in Union Bay, and lots of construction equipment and structures on the lake.

Additionally, if you plan to propel yourself by paddle, check out this map of kayak and canoe launch sites around Union Bay. Cranes and other waterborne construction equipment limit water access under SR 520 near the Arboretum. So while many of the canoe/kayak landings in the area remain open, we recommend using the launches in the Arboretum or at the University of Washington’s Waterfront Activities Center.

Visit our website for more information about boating this weekend and how the SR 520 program affects events and activities on and near the water.

Tolls on SR 520 floating bridge increase July 1

Drivers who cross Lake Washington using the SR 520 Bridge are reminded that new toll rates will go into effect tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1.

The change reflects the rate increases approved by the Washington State Transportation Commission to ensure the bridge generates enough revenue to cover costs required in law which include maintenance and operations of the bridge. Tolling is on track to raise $1.2 billion of the funding needed to build the replacement bridge currently under construction.

Tolls on the SR 520 Bridge will increase approximately 2.5 percent for all toll rates. The current peak hour Good To Go! pass rate of $3.80 will increase to $3.90, and the peak hour Pay By Mail rate of $5.40 will rise to $5.55.

Good To Go! passes continue to be the most economical way for drivers to pay tolls on the SR 520 Bridge and other tolled highways. More information on the Good To Go! program can be found at goodtogo.com.


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