Changes to Seattle’s DPD Design Review? 

Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development is leading a process to identify, evaluate, and implement organizational, structural, and procedural changes to revamp and refresh the Design Review Program.

Project Goals:

  • Identify options to make the design review process more efficient and accessible
  • Improve community dialogue on design review
  • Identify new and emerging technologies for more effective community engagement

DPD’s planning process will include, at minimum, working with an advisory group, interviews with community stakeholders, a focus group, online surveys, and community-wide events to gather feedback from a variety of people.

Take DPD’s Design Review Program Survey. This survey focuses on what people like about the Design Review Program, where there are opportunities for improvement, and how people are currently, and would prefer, to provide feedback and receive information about the Design Review Program.  A second survey later this year will have additional questions about the program and potential opportunities for improvement.

Visit the Design Review Program Improvements webpage for more information and to sign up for email updates.  See more at:


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