How the Seattle City Council will fill Sally Clark’s Seat

Want to replace Sally Clark? Now’s your chance.

This week, Seattle City Council member Sally Clark announced she’s leaving the city council for a new job in 10 days. Now, Council President Tim Burgess has announced the process the council will follow to replace Clark, which he hopes to finish by April 27.

In a statement, Burgess said the council “should appoint an experienced ‘caretaker’ who pledges not to seek election to the council this year.”

The city clerk will accept applications for the job from tomorrow through April 14. The council will then have an executive session (meaning it’s closed to the public) to discuss the applicants and will announce a “short list of finalists” on April 20. Those finalists will have three minutes each to present at a special public meeting April 22 at 5:30 p.m., where council members can also ask them questions and the public can comment. The big vote will happen at the council’s 2 p.m. meeting on April 27. The council will need a majority vote to appoint the replacement. If they tie, they’ll have to vote again.

“We need someone who can hit the ground running,” Burgess said. “It is important that candidates for appointment understand city government and the public policy issues associated with the council’s Committee on Housing Affordability, Human Services and Economic Resiliency; demonstrate a commitment to social justice and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures and with diverse populations; and desire to serve the people of Seattle and assume the responsibilities and accountability inherent in the work of a council member.”

Want to apply? E-mail a résumé and cover letter to, mail them to P.O. Box 94728, Seattle, WA, 98124, apply in person on the third floor of City Hall, or send an application by fax (why are you applying by fax?) at 386-9025.


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