King Co. Metro and Light Rail Connections

King County Metro is looking for your input!

Metro and Sound Transit have developed two alternative concepts for how transit could be coordinated with light rail. These concepts include new and improved connections and changes to make transit more efficient, reliable, and easy to use.

Compare the alternatives at the link below. There are two proposed alternatives and each are spelled out with possible timings, routes and maps.  Please give your input.



2 thoughts on “King Co. Metro and Light Rail Connections

  1. Jim Arrowsmith

    Beware when Metro uses the words “more efficient” to describe improvements. In this case, the proposed “improvements” would DELETE our main all-day bus route 71. Most of us would have to walk farther (to 35th) to catch slightly improved Rt 65, or walk to a shuttle on 65th. And the transfer “connection” to downtown at Husky Stadium involves a quarter-mile walk between Stevens Way and the new Stadium Station. Metro is steam-rolling ahead with these concepts, which look very similar, for our area, to the service cutbacks we voted against last year. Get involved!


    1. NEDC Seattle Post author

      Hi Jim –

      Sorry for the long delay in “approving” your post, I will try to change the settings so things go right up from now on. We appreciate your commenting!

      Someone from Metro came to our May 7 meeting last night. There are will be a new version of a plan as of next week, with another possibility for comments.


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