Share your thoughts about the future of transit in NE Seattle, by Nov 30!

From Metro and Sound Transit:

As an important stakeholder serving the northeast Seattle, U District, and Capitol Hill communities, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the opportunity to shape the future of bus service in these areas that began this week.

Starting in 2016, Sound Transit’s Link light rail will connect Capitol Hill and the University District with downtown Seattle, Rainier Valley, and Sea-Tac Airport.

Metro and Sound Transit are thinking about ways to connect the new light rail service with buses to make an efficient network of service. Some buses will connect with new Link stations to make it easy for riders to transfer between buses and light rail. Other changes will restructure service to create a faster, more reliable, and easy-to-use transit network.

Since those you serve use transit service in the areas that may be affected, we want you to join the conversation and tell us how you use bus service today, what works well, and what you’d like to see change. Your input will help shape the future of transit in these areas.

How to participate:

·         Forward this information to your networks

·         Fill out the survey by Nov. 30 –


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