Construction alert: U District Station

What to expect in November 2014:  continued digging for the underground light rail station (approximately 25 percent has been excavated).  Specifically involves:

  •           Removing dirt and materials using bulldozers
  •           Installing wood planks or “lagging” between the vertical metal piles
  •           Installing large pipes called struts across the top of the box spanning from east to west
  •           Drilling cable tie-backs and installing soil nails to hold the walls during excavation activities
  •           Hauling dirt and materials offsite using Brooklyn Avenue Northeast
  •           Crews will dig until they reach about 95 feet below ground. Excavation will be ongoing through spring 2015.

Crews will also continue building the temporary bridge along NE 43rd Street.  Work includes:

  •           Pouring concrete for bridge foundations
  •           Raising metal struts below the bridge girders
  •           Delivering and placing concrete panels onto the bridge girders
  •           Building a temporary walkway inside the site for crew members to use during bridge construction
  •           Building a traffic barrier along the bridge
  •           Beginning restoration work in preparation for re-opening Northeast 43rd Street

Northeast 43rd Street is expected to re-open to one-way traffic in spring 2015. The roadway is currently open to local traffic between the alley and the “Ave.”

For more information, call the 24-hour construction hotline at 888-298-2395 or go to


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