Seattle Preschool Program Ballot Measure

On the November 4 General Election ballot, Seattle voters will be asked to approve Proposition 1, a four-year, $58 million property tax levy. This translates to $14.5 million per year, or about $43 per year for a family living in a typical $400,000 home.

The plan is a 4-year voluntary program for 3- and 4-year old children in Seattle. It provides tuition subsidies to qualifying families on a sliding payment scale based on level of financial need, with a family of four earning less than $71,000 a year paying nothing, and it sets high quality standards for early childhood educators, program facilities, and evaluation methods based on practices that have proven to be successful.

Proposition 1B on the November general election ballot will enact the four-year pilot phase of this Seattle Preschool Program, ramping up to cover 2000 children in 100 classrooms by 2018, which will be funded through a modest property tax levy.

If your group would like a speaker on the measure or more information, go to

[This post is not for or against this measure, it is purely informational.]


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