No NEDC meeting in August

Join us again on Thursday, September 6!


Theater For Young Children – Performances in August 2018

A NE Seattle Neighbor wanted to share information about Theater For Young Children, a theater company who does free theater in the park for children. They will be performing in North Seattle Parks again this summer.

“Theater For Young Children (TFYC) is back for our second annual Arts In The Park tour sponsored by The City of Seattle and Seattle Parks and Recreation. TFYC believes everyone should be exposed to great art. We bring professional actors to perform for children and families in easily accessible neighborhood locations. Shows specially written for ages 3-9, and fun for all!!

Come join us for stories and music celebrating Latin America: The Armadillo’s Song and The Half Chicken.

Pinehurst Playfield, Friday Aug. 3rd, 5:30 PM & Sat. Aug. 4th, 1:30 PM
Maple Leaf Reservoir, Friday Aug. 10th, 5:30 PM & Sat. Aug. 11th, 1:30 PM

Bring family, friends, and neighbors to sit on a blanket and enjoy the show! All shows FREE, however we would love you to bring a couple bucks to drop in the basket!”

Learn more about Theater For Young Children.

Medical Sharps Disposal Information

A message from SPU.  (The name of the contact was removed.)

Medical Sharps Disposal Information – Please don’t put used needles in garbage bins!

A message from the Seattle Public Utilities’ Sharps Collection Pilot. I am reaching out to you to discuss some possible education and outreach opportunities, and to introduce you to what we are working on in terms of sharps (needles, syringes, and lancets) cleanup and disposal.

Currently, our program provides six sharps drop boxes located throughout the city, and six more sharps receptacles located in Parks restrooms. Citizens can dispose of needles, syringes, and lancets at these locations. An interactive map showing where the boxes are located can be found at:

 In addition, we have a service through the pilot that tackles sharps removal from public property. By making a complaint through the Find It, Fix It app or by calling (206) 684-7587, individuals can let Seattle Public Utilities know about illegal dumping activity, including sharps. A city worker will come to the location where a needle is found, and will remove it within 24 hours.

 Our program also provides education and outreach opportunities for businesses and citizens in various Seattle neighborhoods. Our goal is to empower individuals through needle safety knowledge and proper needle disposal techniques. During our training and outreach sessions we provide citizens with the information and tools to properly discard of needles, including needle disposal kits. I would love to set up a meeting to see what we could organize in terms of education and outreach to the citizens in your area. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail when you get the chance.

To learn more about sharps disposal, please visit our website:

Emergency Preparedness Update

What?? You missed the May 2018 NEDC Meeting where we learned how to prepare ourselves and our homes for an earthquake or other disaster?  Here’s the short version.

Anne F. a SNAP volunteer (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) with the City of Seattle led us through some of the things to do to prepare. You can find her To Do List handout here (1 page). It’s a great starting place.


A picture of the “4 in 1 Emergency Tool” that helps you turn off the water  or the gas. (About 15$ online.)

Here are some other resources shared at the meeting:

This one (1 page) has some links to more info, once you get some of the basics covered (articles on the “big one”, how to find more classes and training, how to sign up for emergency alerts, etc.).

Here is the EPA handout on Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water. Print it out and hang it in your garage or with your supplies (2 pages).

And if you are not sure where to get started, the American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Calendar breaks down what to do each week, to get prepared, one step at a time (4 pages).

And finally,  the IMG_7919.JPGportable toilet, made with plastic buckets from your local hardware store. Add lots of 13 gallon plastic bags, a pool noodle and some dirt or kitty litter. You will want this type of alternative system if your water, and toilets, are out for a week or more.  You can find details online.

Make a plan for what you can get started on!


NEDC May 2018 Announcements

Download this great list of the May 2018 NEDC Announcements.  This list has many important upcoming meetings and events of interest, there are meetings specific to Northeast Seattle and some that are more general to Seattle as a whole. Some of these do get posted on the NEDC website.

Find the full list here.

You can download your own copy of the list.  Please share!